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    XR-56 Plus
    Our customers say, “The XR-56 Plus Plus has been a lifesaver on my site!” find out why...

Key Benefits

The XR-56 Plus Landfill Pump is a technology driven solution for leachate or gas condensate needs


It’s what’s not inside.


XR-56 Plus Smart Pump self regulates turning off to avoid damage; automatically starts when in compliance


Sends accurate data to your computer or mobile device...counter only counts when the bottom sensor is triggered


Vertical, horizontal or small diameter: works where you need and in temps where other pumps fail.


Easily scroll through the LED screen to determine the float position.


Billion Cycles Sensors


Million Cycles Pneumatic Circut


Years PC Boards


Approximate Years Battery Life


See the XR-56 Plus in action

Case Studies

Some of the solutions we've designed.

  • item 1

    Silty Collection Well in SC

  • item 2

    Condensate Sump Reasonably High Temps in KY

  • item 3

    Gas Well 95’ in WI

  • item 4

    Condensate Sump in TN

It's simple.
The XR-56 Plus pump system eliminates the need for complex in well components.
No adjustments are required.

How It Works

The XR-56 Plus was born from frustration. We saw problems and created solutions.
Here's how...


The pump uses an integrated sensor system to cycle the pump based on in well recharge rate. The above grade air system provides positive on/off of the air supply.

Smart Pump

The surface mounted logic controller can detect problems such as a compromised air-line. It shuts the pump off, auto checks for compliance and then re-starts.
These pumps troubleshoot themselves.

Vertical, Horizontal & Small Diameter Operation

It's smart pump technology and lack of down well parts makes it perfect for most locations - especially the tricky ones.

Communicates Via the Cloud

This is a 2 way communication.
It sends you data.
You give it directions.

Simple Construction/ Compact Design

Three bolts for complete disassembly. All stainless steel construction. Makes life easy. 30” length, 10 pounds, 3.5” & 2” pump diameters is simply elegant.

Auto Purge

When cleaning is required simply press the pump on button and the pump and fluid discharge line will be emptied = lighter, safer pump removal - no more leachate baths

Works with Existing Installations

Start new with the XR-56 Plus or integrate with what you have. We've got you covered.


We made a great pump but haven't stopped innovating. With very bite of data & bit of customer feedback we continute to refine and improve.

7 Reasons You Need the XR-56 Plus C Communications

XR-56 Plus System Reliability

1. You will actually understand what your pumps are doing

2. No need to cruse the landfill, just log in to see if any well pumps need attention

3. Your time and labor costs are reduced while improving site safety
4. Receive pump vitals via the cloud - hello, 21st century

5. From the comfort of wherever you are, evaluate pump data to set pumping rates to match well recharge rates

6. Readily trend pump time-out to develop (or not develop) a maintenance schedule

7. Integrate your pump data into existing databases

Why We Developed This New Technology

Our mission is to design cost-effective solutions which simplify the pumping system while improving site safety for the field technician.

The founders of Jeneer Group have been involved with landfill pumps for 20 plus years. In our field experience we have seen the daily struggles of the field technicians: removing leachate filled pumps from 100’ plus wells, the unwanted leachate bath, constant cleaning and rebuilding pumps, technicians going from well to well to determine if pumps are operating, critical condensate sumps watering in and shutting down other equipment.

The XR-56 Plus is the solution. Is it the perfect landfill pump? We’re constantly working to make it better so won’t ever call it perfect but it does solve many problems and does it by being a simpler, smarter, lighter, stronger and more versatile pump than you’ll find anywhere else.

While the industry continues to evolve pump technology, the two common problems we keep seeing are the number of down well components inside the pump that need maintaining & the sensitivity of the air and exhaust valve operation which needs handholding.

We’ve tackled these problems. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers integrated the use of field proven sensors, microprocessors, pneumatic circuitry and reliable cellular communication to put technology to work.

These combinations of technology allow the XR-56 Plus pump to out perform existing systems. And the XR-56 Plus can be applied to new applications such as horizontal pumping using pneumatic pumps. No matter how things are going, we can help make them better for you immediately. Just call us, we want to save you time and money.

In-Depth Information

Here’s in-depth information on the XR-56 Plus pump and it’s attributes.

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How to Install

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